Clock Repair & Restoration at the Halim Time & Glass Museum

Have your personal timepiece restored by the Museum's master clockmakers.

Clock Repair & Restoration at the Halim Time & Glass Museum is a newly formed timepiece repair and restoration service in the Chicago area. We can inspect and examine items, either in-shop or during a scheduled home visit, that need either modest repair or that may need more extensive restoration or rebuilding. We can perform work on all movements, dials and cases, replace or remake missing or broken parts and skillfully perform all other aspects of repair and restoration. Fast, reliable & knowledgeable service - you can trust your valued antique to us.  


Please contact Cesar at (847) 404-4079 or email him at for a phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.



Sorry, we do not service wristwatches, battery operated and/or quartz clocks.

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