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St. John the Divine

American Memorial Windows:

St. John the Divine

St. John the Divine


  • Types of glass: 1. Opalescent 2. Drapery 3. Rippled 4. Striated 5. Mottled 6. Fracture 7. Old Pink

  • Painting only on face, hands, and feet

  • 3 layers

  • 1910


This window was a memorial to Levi Knight Fuller, the forty-fourth Governor of Vermont. Fuller was an engineer who held more than one hundred patents. He was also an amateur astronomer and scientist. His estate included an observatory and an extensive library. In this window, St. John the Divine points to the sky. The artist likely used this image in part to pay homage to the hobby of Levi Knight Fuller.

This window was originally installed at First Baptist Church in Brattleboro, Vermont. The parish sold the window to the Museum to raise funds for its homeless shelter.


  • The overall appearance of the window is enhanced by the very fine leading.

  • The mottled glass gives the clothing depth. The subtle drapery glass creates large folds.

  • The artist created a glowing effect by using amber glass.

  • The sky appears to open due to the juxtaposition of white and blue glass.


This window depicts St. John the Divine who was author of the Book of Revelations, one Gospel, and three epistles. The lush landscape may be indicative of the Greek island of Patmos, which is where St. John received and wrote the Book of Revelation. The amber color of the robe and book indicate the glory and majesty of God and the brightness of His presence. St. John the Divine is also known as John of Patmos and St. John the Evangelist. He appears in our lobby staircase window as well.

St. John the Divine

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