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Madonna and Child

American Memorial Windows:

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

Unknown maker

Madonna and Child


  • Types of glass: 1. Opalescent 2. Striated 3. Mottled

  • Painting on faces, hands, and feet

  • Up to 3 layers

  • 1902

This was one of eight windows unveiled in 1902 at All Souls’ Universalist Church in Brooklyn. The two figures appear to be based on the well-known paintings of Adolphe-William Bouguereau, including The Virgin of the Lilies and The Virgin with Angels. Bouguereau was a leading 19th century French painter who worked in the academic tradition, often producing classical, mythological, and biblical scenes. While revered by the Paris academy, he often drew derision from the avant-garde.


  • The artist delicately executed the painting on both figures, especially the faces of Jesus and Mary.

  • The brightly colored garments have folds and draping created through layering of glass.

  • The realistic figures contrast with the abstract landscape. The artist drew attention to this distinction by placing the figures in the foreground with the sweeping vista in the background.

  • Notice the bending of rebar in this window. It was done with great attention to the window design. The rebar curves around details rather than cutting across them.

  • The rebar on this window is especially heavy and would have been difficult to bend to follow the lead lines. The artisan heats and then bends the rebar in a manner similar to a blacksmith curving a horseshoe.

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